Gundam Origin Head Display Base

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This head display base came with the October 20111 issue of Gundam Ace magazine. It’s based on the RX-78-2 design from the manga Mobile Suit Gundam : The Origin. The whole thing came as white plastic, so painting is necessary. I didn’t modify anything except for sharpening the v-fin.

After priming the entire thing with dark grey surfacer, proceeded to paint it with Full Armor Gundam colors, i.e green, orange-yellow and gray. The internal part that made up the vulcan cannons and side vents were painted with gunmetal. For the eyes and camera sensors, I attached a reflective sheet (Hasegawa Mirror Finish) and handpainted clear yellow for the eyes and clear blue for the sensor. After adding some decals I finished it off with flat topcoat.

From my personal viewpoint, I don’t find this Gundam Origin head very ‘handsome’. My favorite RX-78 head design has to be the ver. Ka. Another disappointing thing is that it doesn’t come with a stand. There’s two holes at the back but I’m not sure if it is compatible with existing stands. Anyway, it will make a good paperweight.




RG Full Armor Gundam

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Like the Dwadge, this is a resin c.o.v.e.r kit, where resin parts are glued on top of a base model. It’s originally meant for converting the HGUC RX-78-2 ver.30th, but I used the RG RX-78 instead since they’re quite similar.

Materials & methods:

Unlike the Dwadge, this Full Armor Gundam cover kit has a lot more parts, and they’re smaller too. So while the parts are soaking in detergent water overnight, I proceeded to assemble the RG RX-78-2 Gundam.  After trimming excess resin parts, I did a test snap-fit of the resin parts to the assembled RX-78. Basically, it should look like this when attached to the HGUC Gundam kit.

Although the HGUC Gundam ver.30th and the RG version are aesthetically very close, the fitting of the resin parts are quite far off. I had to do quite a few modifications to the RG kit just to attach the resin parts properly using superglue. Even then, some parts just won’t fit nicely together so I just plugged whatever gaps with some epoxy putty.

The resin’s original color is cream, so obviously priming was a necessary step. The biceps, thighs and upper chest were sprayed with Light Gull Gray while the rest of the body is sprayed with MS Deep Green (Gundam Color Spray). In keeping with the RG theme, I decided to add another hue to the green parts so I did some masking using Tamiya tape and sprayed another layer of Olive Green. The orange parts were handpainted with enamel paints and the weapons were sprayed with Tamiya Gunmetal.

Panel-lining was done with light brown enamel paint and then I applied some dry-brushing & weathering pastels to the feet for some light weathering. The decals I used were mostly from the MG Full Armor Gundam set, plus some random warning decals. And lastly it’s the compulsory layer of flat topcoat.



Since this is a recast kit, the quality is not that good. Some details are lost & parts don’t fit too snugly. Added to the fact that it’s meant for the HGUC kit, my attempt at using the RG version turned out to be quite a challenge. A lot of pre-planning and masking was employed (plus copious amounts of super glue & putty). The only resin parts that I didn’t use were the feet, which came as a single resin block whereas the RG feet had 3 divisions. I thought it was too much work so I kept the original RG feet.

The kit also tends to lean and topple over backwards because of the heavy backpack. I couldn’t attach this kit to Bandai’s action base because the original part at the back was replaced with a resin part so I used a flexible wire-based stand for mid-air poses.

I’m quite impressed by the RG Gundam kit, especially the splitting armor at the thighs. Leg and elbow movement is very good, but I still couldn’t make a nice kneeling pose. The front skit armor tends to pop out though, just like the RG Zaku.  Also, because the feet were quite small, thus having less surface area, the kit felt a bit unstable when standing upright.

In the end, I find that the finished product still looks presentable, but some parts still look a bit rough. I’m also not satisfied with the combination of the two hues of green that I used. But what’s done is done..

Green Tokyo Gundam Project

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If you’re a Gundam fanboy, you probably have already heard about or seen pics of the giant 1:1 scale RX-78-2 in Shiokaze Park, Odaiba. Well I just had to go there and take a look at it with my own eyes. Finding my way to the park from the station was easy enough, just follow the arrows with the words “Gundam” on em. I reached there around high noon and it was a really hot, yet fortunately clear day. As expected, the park was abuzz with people & activity; a bazaar-like atmosphere. Different variations of the 0079 Gundam theme song, ‘Tobe Gandamu‘, can be heard over the loudspeakers. Around the park there were food stalls, picnic tables, a platform where you can be photographed with the Gundam in the background (for a fee, of course) and a booth selling official merchandise.



ggp30th_01 ggp30th_04 ggp30th_05

As for the Gundam itself, it was, well… huge. The surrounding area around the Gundam was already crowded with people taking photos with various cameras, ranging from cellphone cams to huge DSLRs on tripods. I was able to get a good zoom from my humble 40-150mm Zuiko lens. The Gundam was very well detailed and the design seems to be a mixture of the first MG and the OYW version of the RX-78-2.




If you’ve ever wondered what the warning decals on your model kits actually say, well now you know. I was quite disappointed that they didn’t use engrish :(


ggp30th_07 ggp30th_08 ggp30th_09

After having enough of taking pics under the hot sun, I decided to take a break and I left the Shiokaze park for the Makuhari Messe which was less than an hour train ride away. What’s going on there, you may ask? Why it’s just the Wonder Festival of Summer 2009. I’ll post pics from that event later. In short, I spent a few hours there, mostly taking photos and enjoying the view. Then I returned to Odaiba for a second viewing of the Gundam.

ggp30th_13 ggp30th_14 ggp30th_15


ggp30th_19 ggp30th_20 ggp30th_18


As I was waiting for the sunset, I decided to join the queue to buy some souvenirs at the official bandai shop/booth. Yes, you have to queue up because the shop was very small and can only accommodate a few people at a time.


ggp30th_21 ggp30th_23 ggp30th_24

As it grew darker, the number of people there didn’t let up. I guess they had the same ideas as me: to watch the Gundam light up. Actually at certain time intervals, the Gundam can turn its head left and right, and then look up while being accompanied by the cheesy sound effects you hear from the original anime. At the same time, smoke would appear from the chest, shoulder, booster and calf areas.


ggp30th_25 ggp30th_26 ggp30th_28

And as night fell, it was time for me to go home, having taken my fill of photographs.



It was a fulfilling journey and experience, one that I would be glad to say ‘I’ve been there’. As a memento, I bought a HGUC model of the the life-sized gundam. Its actually identical to the HGUC Gundam Ver.G 30th, except for the box art and the addition of a scale-model of the platform seen at the park. I also bought a fan (hey, I’m a Gundam fan!) and some postcards. I hope you enjoyed the pics and this post. Cheers!


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