Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010 (Part II)

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Here it is, the second part of this year’s Shizuoka Hobby show pics. There’s not much to write about, so I’ll just post the gallery. There’s plenty of images, so it might take a while to load. Anyway, enjoy!

Freedom Gundam

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This model was another put under the category ‘build n forget’. After months serving as a dust collector I decided to give some Justice (pun intended) to this kit. I was never a fan of the standard Gundam red-white-blue-yellow color scheme, so I planned to paint it with custom colors. Several color schemes were considered (e.g. pink Rouge Freedom, salmon pink Char’s Freedom, military green freedom) before I decided to replicate the color scheme from this image I found off the internet:


Materials & Methods:

The kit was already snap-fitted by a friend, so my task was to disassemble, modify and paint it. Actually, the only noticeable modification was to the shield. Out goes the red thing in the middle and the resulting gaps were filled with epoxy putty. Also took the liberty to remove the beam rifle cover, which I think looked silly.

For painting, I wanted to use dark grey spray can, but I ran out of it. So I went to a Tamiya shop and the closest color they had was mica dark blue. For the reds, I used a can of mica red paint. Some masking was needed for the front skirt armor.

I used dry transfer decals along with some Seed & Strike Noir water slide decals.  The spray paints used were glossy and in order to protect the decals I needed to apply some topcoat. Unfortunately only flat topcoat was available so I had to forsake the glossiness of the red & dark blue paints.


free_01.jpg free_02.jpg free_06.jpg

free_05.jpg free_03.jpg free_04.jpg

free_08.jpg free_09.jpg free_13.jpg

free_10.jpg free_12.jpg free_15.jpg


Because I didn’t actually build it myself, I can’t comment on the building process. But I did have to fix the seam lines on the wing beam cannon and the side skirt. Also, I broke the white V-fin not once, but twice. Hopefully the glue stays on this time. This was also one of my earliest use of water-slide decals and I found that it was fun, especially in finding the right design and location for the decal.

As for the kit itself, it looks very nicely proportioned and has very good articulation. Not as much panel lines as the RG version, and in fact I prefer the proportions of this MG version to the new RG Freedom. Overall, I think it was well done and I’m quite satisfied with the result.

ZAKU Warrior

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One of my first kits with a custom paintjob. I’m not a big fan of Gundam Seed Destiny and since they tried to recycle Universal Century (UC) designs, I thought I might as well give one a proper UC unit color scheme. What other perfect color scheme for a Zaku than the Black Tristar colors.

I bought a set of Mr. Hobby Gundam colors for the Black Tristar color scheme (purple, dark grey, whitish-grey). I did some minor mods on the kit which included cutting the front skirt armor apart, shaving the beam axe so that it”s smooth like a normal axe and replacing the sticker monoeye with leftover sprue from a beam saber.

After gluing the parts and sanding (a lot of sanding), I sprayed the parts with primer. Painting was done fully by hand, with a paint brush. Masking parts were at a minimum, which was great. After panel-lining with grey acrylic wash, I applied some Zeon decals. Finally, I applied a generous amount of Mr Super Clear flat spray.

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