Shizuoka Hobby Show 2019

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It’s time again for the Shizuoka Hobby Show, and as I made my way towards the Bandai section, I noticed a long queue to view the latest releases up close. At some point along the queue was a placard with “40 minutes waiting time” written on it. That was just a bit too ridiculous for me so I just snapped a photo or two from distance. So sorry for the lack of Bandai photos.

But I got a glimpse of the RG Nu Gundam and the proportions look better than the MG ver. Ka. There doesn’t seem to be the green psychoframe gimmick but that’s OK. So here’s some photos from other vendor booths:

Instead of wasting my time queuing up, I put it to good use by admiring the works of Japanese modelers in the other section of the show. I was impressed with a whole row of MG Deep Strikers, each very unique.

My favourite builds at the show are the ‘gag dioramas’. Gotta admire the creativity to make such builds.

And finally some other interesting mecha and figures at the show:

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

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I was looking forward to this year’s Shizuoka Hobby show after missing last year’s edition. There’s just something charming about it compared to other hobby shows I’ve been to in Japan. Maybe it’s the highschool brass band playing anime songs, or the JSDF vehicles parked at the entrance that gives it a carnival-like atmosphere.
Anyway, back to the Bandai booth, I finally got an up close look at some of the upcoming releases. The MG Jegan looks a bit underwhelming; it looks too much like the HGUC version. The same can’t be said for the RG Sazabi, though. There’s enough details to differentiate it from the HGUC and MG version. If I hadn’t already bought the MG, I would’ve gotten this one instead.
A bunch of HGUC GM variants are coming: GM Guard (regular release), GM Sniper Custom (P-Bandai), GM Cannon and GM Interceptor. Gotta catch em’ all. The HGUC Sinanju Stein also looks interesting, not sure about the Moon Gundam. The P-Bandai section included a HGUC RX-79[G] Parachute set, with a newly designed GM head. I guess Bandai listened to the unhappy customers complaining about the HGUC GM Ground Type head.

Non-Gunpla stuff included some Full Metal Panic, Pacific Rim, and Mazinger kits. There’s also some weird mecha kits with cats and Aoshima’s VF-31 Variable Fighter Girl.

There’s a whole bunch of mecha musume type kits at the Kotobukiya section, I just can’t keep up with it.

And finally, some pics at the modelers section. As always there were plenty of very interesting builds, but I didn’t notice an overall theme this year. But there was a whole row of MG Perfect Zeongs.

So anyway, enjoy the pics.

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016 (Part 2)

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For the next part of my Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016 coverage, I’ll show photos from the modellers circle section. Last year saw plenty of Neo Zeong kits; this time I noticed alot of PG Unicorn/Banshee variants.
I liked some of the very creative and unexpected builds there. For example the takoyaki Ball, Su-shield and Tenga WeGos. Here’s some of my other favourites:

And here’s the rest of the photos I took. Enjoy…

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