Tallgeese (Endless Waltz)

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The thing about Gundam Wing is that there’s too many overpowered Gundams in it (also applies to SEED). So the Tallgeese comes as a breath of fresh air, with its Trojan helmet and fat thighs. I already have the old 1/100 scale kit still in its box, but I went ahead and purchased the MG version regardless. I felt that the color scheme looks good as it is, so I decided to do what I did to the MG Heavyarms: paint the innerframe and apply weathering effects on the unpainted outer armor.

Materials & Methods:

I snap fitted the inner frame first, and put aside the rest of the outer armor. The inner frame was mostly of a monotonous grey tone, so I decided to paint it in different shades of grey: German Grey, Zeon MS Gray & Gunmetal. The thrusters were sprayed with Gloss Aluminium while the rifle was mostly painted with Olive Green.

Although the outer armor did not require painting, I sprayed some parts with Light Gull Gray to break the monotony of the white color scheme. The only parts that did require painting were the wings on the backpack, which needed a strip of orange-yellow.

Panel lining was done using black enamel on the white colored parts & desert brown on the darker colored parts. For weathering, I just applied multiple scratch marks instead of heavy damage. I used mostly dark grey enamel for the scratch effect and added a few dabs of dark brown enamel using a sponge to simulate rust.

I didn’t have any Tallgeese-specific decals, so I used water slide decals from Wing Gundam & various others in my inventory. And finally, I applied flat topcoat on the outer armor and made the final assembly.


Here’s the awesome inner frame;

And now with some clothes armor on:

Finally some action shots:


For a MG kit, this one ticks the right boxes: very detailed inner frame, good articulation, good parts separation and gimmicks on the weapons & booster backpack. I personally love the inner frame; it’s quite different from the typical gundam & zaku type inner frames. Overall, it’s a very nicely designed and well proportioned kit.

Now for the minus points. Like the MG Heavyarms, it doesn’t have movable fingers. Instead it has the same HG-like swappable fingers. It doesn’t bother me as much this time, since I didn’t plan to pose it with other 3rd party weapons.

Although the majority of the joints feel solid, the shoulders and waist feel less so. Probably because of the polycap joints that were used. It does tend to lean backwards due to the heavy backpack. Also, snap-fitters may not like the yellow sticker for the backpack wings but for painters, it’s not a big deal.

In conclusion, I felt the plus points outweigh the minus points, making the MG Tallgeese a kit that’s relatively solid and very nice to look at.

Gunpla Expo Japan 2012

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“Fun to build Gunpla..” That’s the message that was flashing as I approached Akiba Square for the Gunpla Expo. It’s actually my first time to visit a Gunpla expo and there was quite a queue to get into the exhibition hall. Thankfully entry was free of charge. Here’s what the entrance looked like:


Inside I was greeted with staff who handed out 1/144 scale beam effects parts in clear blue, for free. The first section of the expo was a display of  the upcoming MG and HG kits, followed by a RG section. The last section just before the exit was for entries for the Gunpla Builders World Cup.

For the RG section, the focus was obviously on the RG Zeta (which I bought at nearby Yodobashi camera just after the expo).  Although no prototype was on display yet, the next RG kit has been announced, and it’s a Destiny Gundam. I’ll pass. On the wall was a poster showing the next possible RG kits they were testing: Z’gok, Gouf, GM and Ground-type Gundam. I really hope the next RG after Destiny will be the Gouf. Also on display were various kits that were built using the RG frame, e.g. Buster Gundam, Zaku I, Red Zeta etc.

For the MG section, the main attraction was the MG Nu Gundam ver Ka. And the final ‘secret’ that was nt revealed during the hobby show earlier was the green psychoframe. Apparently the armor can be shifted a bit to reveal the green psychframe, ala Unicorn gundam. And if you think 6 fin funnels are not enough, you can buy another 6 from Bandai’s online hobby shop. Four upcoming MG releases will be from Gundam Uncorn: Sinanju Stein, ReZel Type-C, Banshee (Titanium fninish ver) and the Jesta. Apart from that, the MG Aile Strike Gundam will also be re-released as a remastered version. Probably it will use the inner frame of the latest SEED MG kits. And from Gundam Wing, there’s the MG Tallgeeese I, displayed in full color.

The upcoming HGUC releases are also dominated by Unicorn Gundam models, namely the Byarlant custom, Delta Kai, Rozen Zulu and the Jesta Cannon. I’m definitely getting the Jesta Cannon, even though I’m certain they will release a MG version of it in the near future. Other interesting stuff include the HGUC Zaku II MS06-R Black Tristars and also a HGUC Ez-8. From the SEED series, there will be a HG Astray Blue Frame 2nd L, and a Perfect Strike (a strike gundam with the Aile, Sword, Launcher packs plus extra batteries).

The last section was entries for the Gunpla Builders World Cup. There were truly amazing works on display there. Some of my favorites are the Gyan, Ball and The-O.

There were also some other stuff at the expo, including gunpla built (or maybe endorsed) by some Japanese celebrities. There’s also AGE stuff too, but I didn’t bother taking their photos. On sale were some Expo-exclusive items, which include HGUC Unicory Destroy mode (green psychoframe), RG Freedom (extra finish ver), HG AGE-3 glossy ver, RG Zaku II Realtype colors. None of them interest me, though.

So that’s all the photos I took during the expo. I find that it was more interesting than any of the other hobby shows I went to before. Maybe I should go more often. Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the pics.

52nd All Japan Model & Hobby Show

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For this year’s hobby show, I didn’t have much time to take too many photos, having arrived in the late afternoon. Nevertheless, here’s a brief summary of what caught my interest at the show:

First off is the RG Zeta, complete with full transformation gimmick. Will be on my to-buy list, since I don’t have a proper Zeta in my collection. From the HGUC section there’s the Byarlant custom and then there’s the HGUC Delta Kai; although I don’t quite fancy the overall look, the rifle does look sweet. Also displayed as a grey prototype is the Rozen Zulu.

Moving on the the MG section, where the biggest news is the MG Nu Gundam ver.Ka. Indeed it looks so much better than the original MG and comes with plenty of gimmicks, including a secret which will be revealed at the Gunpla expo in Akihabara later. From Gundam SEED, there’s MG Aegis. I just bought the MG Buster, so I think I’ll lay off SEED kits for a while. Then there another much anticipated MG release: the Tallgeese I. I already have the HG 1/100 version still unbuilt, but I’ll still get the MG version, regardless. There’s also the MG Age-2 black pirate version or whatever it’s called.

And finally some miscellaneous stuff. System Weapons 4 will include sniper rifles and some swords. Sweet… And Bandai will release some new Builder parts, including tank (fuel canisters), blade (v-fins), thrusters and human figures. So that’s about all the headlines that are related to Gunpla. I took some a few more photos here and there, so enjoy.

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