HGUC Galluss K

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Two types of Gallusses appeared in the Unicorn OVA: the Galluss K and Schuzrum Galluss. I’m more interested in the Galluss K, but unfortunately there’s no HGUC kit of it. However, there is an old 1/144 scale Galluss J kit that looks a bit similar to the Galluss K. I initially planned to kitbash the Galluss J and HGUC Schuzrum Galluss kits, but later on I bought a Galluss K resin conversion kit at the C3 Chara-Hobby show.

Materials & Methods:

The resin conversion kit requires a HGUC Schuzrum Galluss kit. You can read about the building process here.

Later on, I decided to add some bits of plaplate at the shins, chest and leg verniers for added detail. I also used the large hands from Jigen Build Knuckles (round).

All parts were primed with Gaianotes Evospray Dark gray surfacer. I would have liked to tell you the paint ratios that I used for airbrushing, but I mixed a lot of paints that day and I forgot how I got the colors. That or the thinner fumes destroyed some of my neurons resulting in brief memory loss.

Anyway, after painting’s done, I applied an enamel wash using yellow + dark brown enamel paints. Then I added further weathering effects in the form of paint chipping using black + german gray enamels. Then I applied some decals and finished it with flat topcoat.


HGUC Galluss K

There’s actually not too many action poses I can make with it

And finally here’s some size comparisons. The Galluss K definitely belongs to the heavyweight class of mobile suits. It towers above the standard Zaku/Gouf units and is similar in height to my Zee Zulu and Dom Tropen.

Zee Zulu, Galluss K, DomTropen Efreet Schneid, Galluss K, Desert Zaku


Despite the huge cost, I have no regrets purchasing this Galluss K resin conversion kit. The fitting is almost perfect and there’s no obvious gaps between parts. The only downside is that some parts have uneven surfaces.

Design-wise, it’s pretty basic. There’s no added details and it’s mostly large smooth surfaces. The only part that bothers me is the large chunk of resin behind the knees. They restrict movement to just a slight knee bend, reducing the number of dynamic poses I can make with it. The weight of the backpack would probably hinder dynamic posing anyway.

Speaking of weight, this is one of the heaviest 1/144 kits I have ever built, weighing in at 141 grams. For reference, a typical plastic HGUC kit is approximately 50 grams. Despite its weight, the joints feel father solid. I just hope the ankle joints can hold out.

So now that this is done with, the conclusion to my Zeon Remnants Project is getting ever closer…


HGUC Desert Zaku

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The Desert Zaku was not in my initial plan for the Zeon Remnants Project (ZRP), but I included it anyway because I was going nowhere with the other kits in that list. I wanted to do something simple before I get too mired in my gunpla rut.

So for this project, I’m using the HGUC Zaku II F2 as base and incorporate parts from other kits to make something that resembles the Desert Zaku.

Materials & methods:

Read the work-in-progress here.

For painting, I decided to stick to the original color scheme. I mixed my own paint as follows:

  • Shoulders: ~60% green + ~20% Russian green (2) + ~20% german gray
  • Torso & lower legs: Propeller color (Mr Color 131)
  • Arms & thighs: Brown (Gaianotes 207) + a few drops of Smoke gray
  • Bazooka: Yellow brown (Gaianotes 205). Airbrushed camo patterns directly using the above dark green mixture

After the paint has dried, I applied some decals, sealed them with gloss topcoat, and then applied my standard weathering treatment:  enamel wash (red brown + yellow), paint chipping, dry brushing, and some weathering pastel around the feet. Finally it’s the mandatory flat topcoat.


HGUC Desert Zaku

Now some photos of the weapons:

And finally some action poses:



After a few months break, the Zeon Remnants Project is now back on track. Although I named this one the Desert Zaku, the only thing that’s accurate is my color scheme. It is still essentially a Zaku II F2 with Hizack & Zaku Desert Type parts attached to it. I didn’t modify the proportions or articulation this time since I don’t want to further complicate this project.

Actually my favourite part of this build is the weapons. It was really satisfying to modify the Zaku 90mm machinegun into the quintessential Nazi weapon, the MP40. Although not 100% accurate, I think I managed to retain the spirit of it. As for the bazooka, it was my first attempt at drawing camo patterns directly using the airbrush. If you look at it closely, you’ll notice some paint sputtering. Definitely needs more practice.

With this one complete, I hope I can return to my remaining Zeon remnant builds and finish them up. If I’m stuck again, I just might add another new kit to the ZRP list…

HGUC Dom Tropen

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The HGUC Dom Tropen is quite an old kit, and comes in two color variants: the purple themed and desert color themed. The one I’m building here is the latter. Despite its age, I felt it was a good addition to my Zeon Remnants project. Other than upgrading its articulation, I wanted to arm it with a gatling gun with the ammo case as the backpack, similar to the Dom Barrage.

Materials & methods:

I did quite a fair bit of modifications to the original kit, and you can read about them here. Additionally, I decided to use MSG Custom Hand B fists, with some modifications. The original head rod was a single piece of grey plastic, so I replaced it with leftover clear runner. Also added some detail parts on the shoulders and lower legs.

After priming with Dark Grey surfacer, I waited a couple of days for the rain to pass before painting. There’s only two color tones to consider so painting was relatively quick. The torso, side skirts and feet were painted with dark brown while the rest of the body was painted with sand brown mixed with smoke grey. The gatling gun was painted with various shades of grey and gunmetal.

What follows is pretty standard procedure: apply decals -> gloss topcoat -> enamel wash -> extra weathering effects -> flat topcoat.


HGUC Dom Tropen


Out of the box, there’s plenty of things that I found unacceptable about the HGUC Dom Tropen kit: the sticker monoeye, poor articulation at the shoulders, waist and feet, ugly hands, and the short thighs. I guess for an old kit that’s understandable. Fixing those imperfections made the project more fun anyway.

The good thing about the Dom Tropen kit is that it has plenty of weapons: a Panzerschreck rocket launcher, a 90mm machine gun, several Sturm Faust grenades, and a heat rod. Even though I didn’t use them in this project, they’ll be useful for future ones.

Some comments about the final build:

The hip sockets (made from Tallgeese parts) were a bit loose. They tend to swivel sideways very easily. It would be bad for mid-air poses, but thankfully the Dom Tropen is a ground unit.

About the MSG Belt Link, the ammo belt was not very bendable. It was too short to connect the gatling gun to the backpack so I had to buy another set of MSG Belt Link and assemble just the ammo belt parts to make it longer.

Other than that I’m quite satisfied with this build. Of the six kits I’ve built for the Zeon Remnant preject, I think this one required the most modifications. Well that might change with the next one on the line…

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