WonFes Winter 2019

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To be honest, the only reason I went to this year’s winter Wonfes was to test out the new lens and camera combo I recently purchased. WonFes is basically a huge market for resin/garage kits focusing primarily on anime figures. There’s also official vendors, an R-18 section, and cosplayers but I arrived there late afternoon, so I didn’t have time to photograph everything. So let’s get straight to the pictures.

Some rather weird & interesting things:

And finally, your typical anime figurines:

Overall, I had a pleasant time snapping photos. Managed to get a couple of trinkets as well. There were several vendors selling P-Bandai kits, but as tempting as they were, I managed to clamp down my wallet. So anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.

WonFes Summer 2014

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I didn’t plan on going to this year’s Wonder Festival, but I happened to be in Tokyo so I thought I’d drop by and take some photos. I have no details about the latest figures and what not; I just took photos of what that looked interesting.

But I really have to take my hat off to the cosplayers who braved the intense summer heat, especially those wearing all-covering costumes. So anyway enjoy the pics…



Wonder Festival Summer 2012

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Here’s some photos from this year’s summer WonFes. I arrived in the afternoon amidst the sweltering heat and entered the nearest exhibition hall, which happened to be for garage kits. Ultimately I spent most of my time there, and didn’t had the time to see the official vendor’s exhibition. So if you’re looking for photos or news regarding the latest Revoltech, Figma or other releases, then I’m sorry to disappoint.

So anyway, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. I also managed to take some cosplay shots (after queuing up) for those interested. A word of caution though, some of the following pics may not be appropriate for minors nor safe for viewing at work. For the really NSFW pics, you can find them here. You have been warned.

With that, I end this brief report.

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