Guard Frame – Work in progress

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I already had a specific theme for the HGBD Guard Frame: riot police.

Head: The kit comes with two types of heads; I’m using the visor head for this build.

Waist: I’m using the waist from the Gundam MkII revive kit, with the front skirt armor from the GM/GM.

For the side armor, I’m using the ones from HGUC GP01. I cut & pasted the original Guard Frame side armor socket, and covered large gaps with epoxy putty.

That way it can fit the polycap joints on the waist.

I also attached some extra detail to it.

Backpack: The original backpack looks a bit plain, so I added a mix of detail parts from Wave and Kotobukiya MSG.

In line with the police theme, I attached police lights from the MSG Ballistic Shield set.

Shoulders: I wasn’t too keen on the original shoulders, so I replaced them with the ones from the HGBD Seravee Gundam Scheherazade kit. I changed the position of the peg using some spare GM parts, so that the shoulders are slightly raised.

I also added some detail parts to the shoulders.

Arms: I’m attaching RG Strike hands to the original arms. This involved simply gluing the RG wrist socket to a Kotobukiya pipe, and then attaching it to the original elbow joint. Some excess plastic inside the original forearms had to be removed to accommodate the RG wrist.

Legs: The original legs looked a bit scrawny, so I used the GM/GM legs instead. I liked the original knees, so I cut off the GM/GM knees and glued it there.

At the back, I attached some details from a scale model spare part I had lying around.

On the side of the calves, I attached some extra parts from the HCM-Pro Ez8 kit.

I’m using the leftover shield from the HG Bugu kit. I attached some plaplate the the bottom of the shield to make them pointier.

I needed a peg to attach the shield to the forearms, so I made a crude peg made from Bugu and GM spare parts.

For weapons, I used the shotgun from the MSG Ballistic Shield kit, and attached some spare ‘shells’ made from Jesta parts.

The gun was also from a MSG bazooka kit, but I replaced the grip with the one from the RG RX-78 beam rifle.

So here’s how it roughly looks like:


GM Cannon – Work in progress

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This is the second P-Bandai 1/144 GM Cannon (Space Assault Type) build. After completing a straight build for the first one, I’m planning on modifying this one a little bit. The head is just about the only unmodified part. The rest is as follows:

First off, I removed some bits from the chest, shown by the black arrows below:

Then, I glued 1mm square pipes to the top of the left shoulder:

I decided to use the shoulder armor from the RX-78 revive kit. The rest of the arm is from the GM Cannon kit.

I added some extra hands from MS Builders parts. But if you look closely at the fisted hand, the thumb is somehow melded into the pointing finger. So I cut off the thumb, and transplanted a new thumb from another hand (trigger pose). The result is as follows:

Also, I cut off the finger from the original trigger pose hand, and glued a straight finger from MS Builder parts.

I filled the square gap on the crotch armor with basic putty.

I tried out different pairs of legs for this build and I eventually decided on the lower legs from the Act Zaku kit. I glued some detail parts on the back of the leg:

And used the RG RX-78 part on the knees:

To connect the lower leg to the GM Cannon thighs, I had to modify the Zaku knee joints by cutting off some bits of plastic from the knee joint:

And from the inner part of the GM thighs:

I also covered the panel line gaps on the thighs with some basic puttty.

When fitting the thigh to the knee joint, I noticed some gaps, shown in the red arrows below:

So I glued some 1mm plaplate to both sides of the knee joint, and now the gap doesn’t look too bad:

I’ll be using the original GM Cannon feet, so to connect them to the Zaku legs, I glued the joints from the Zaku and GM legs together:

No additional weapons this time; just some minor mods to the shoulder cannon. I simply glued the beam spray gun barrel to the tip of the shoulder cannon. Also added some plaplate for extra details.

So here’s what it roughly  looks like:

HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo – Work in Progress

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I used up quite a bit of the original HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo parts for other projects and for some botched experimentation. So I decided to gather the remaining parts and kitbash them with other parts to make a complete kit. The main objective was to fix the clunky proportions of the original.

Head: The original head was lost to an early attempt at facial surgery. So I used the normal GM Sniper II head instead. I added some details to the attachment on the right ear and replaced the antenna with a Wave option part.

Body: The original body was also lost to an abandoned experiment. Thankfully I still had the GM Sniper II K9 body. To it I attached the more slender waist from the HGUC RX-78 Revive. Gaps were filled with epoxy putty.

Inside the torso I attached a ball joint and its socket.

To the RX-78 waist I attached another ball joint socket.

The hips were from HGUC GM Ground Type, but I retained the side skirt armor of the original.

At the back, I attached the twin beam sabre hilt.

I still had the original backpack, but I added extra details like this round vent:

and this square vernier:

Arms: I used up the original forearms in my GM/GM Command build. So I used the GM Ground Type forearms. The shoulder armor was from the GM Sniper Custom kit.

To attach the elbow armor to forearms, I glued the peg onto the elbow joint:

Legs: I wanted sexier thighs for this build, so I used the ones from the HGUC RX-79[G] Revive kit. I carved out some grooves for added detail:

To attach those sexy thighs to the GM Sniper legs, I had to modify the joints. First I cut off some parts from the RX-79[G] thigh joint:

I did the same to the GM Sniper knee joint:

Glue those parts together and you get this. Now the RG-79[G] thighs can be slotted onto the knee joints.

On the ankle armor, I added 1mm square pipes for extra detail.

On the feet, I also attached 1mm wide plastic strip for added detail.

I still had an extra rifle stock from the now discontinued System Weapon 004 set. So I attached it to the original Sniper Rifle. I also replaced the scope with the one from the GM/GM weapons set.

The original kit came with another rifle, but the stock was detached from another failed experiment. Anyway I reattached it using some spare parts from the GM/GM weapons set. The scope was also slightly modified.

Some vital parts of the original White Dingo shield were missing. But I still had the GM Ground Type shield. So to combine those two parts together, I had to remove some extra pegs from the White Dingo shield and drill some holes on the Ground Type shield.

So here’s the overall look prior to painting:


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