Zaku Cannon – Work in progress

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The Zaku Cannon has been a work in progress for quite some time now. After many delays and revisions, I finally decided on the final look. This build is a combination of several HG kits, a Zaku Cannon resin kit and the old MSV Zaku Cannon kit.


I used the head from the HGUC Zaku II (Johnny Ridden) kit as the base. To it, I glued the mouthpiece from the Zaku Cannon resin kit.


On the top of the head, I glued the forehead sensor from my HGUC Ground Gundam. At the back of the head, I removed some bits that hold the power cable and added an antenna from the MSV Zaku Cannon kit.



For the top part of the chest, I used the part from the resin kit. I drilled a bigger hole on it to accommodate the shoulder joints, which were from HGBC Bolden Arms Arms. The neck joint is just simply a leftover polycap joint. At the bottom, I attached a ball-joint socket (Hobbybase) to attach it to the hips.

zakucan-wip_03  zakucan-wip_04

The midriff is another leftover part from my Char’s Zaku II Origin kit. I attached additional plaplate to add more length and girth.



The hip was from another Zaku II Origin kit but I replaced the orignal polycap socket with the one from Hobby Base. On the front skirt armor, I attached some leftover parts from the Efreet Nacht resin kit.



I used the resin kit shield on the right shoulder. I glued a socket from a HGUC Zaku II F2 shield to attach it to the shoulder. In addition, I glued some plaplate along the edges and within the shield to add some girth and detail, respectively.

On the left shoulder, I used the MSV kit shoulder armor. I replaced the original spikes with the ones from MS Spike. To make a rough surface, I smothered the part with basic putty and using a worn toothbrush, I made random strokes over the surface.

To attach the shield to the shoulder, I used the joint from a RG Zaku kit.

zakucan-wip_09 zakucan-wip_10
The arms were from the HG Gouf R35 kit. The biceps were elongated by 1.2mm and the gaps on the forearm were filled with epoxy putty.

zakucan-wip_11 zakucan-wip_12


This was the part where I had the most problems. In the end, I took the easy way out and just used the HG Bugu legs. No mods except for the thighs. I covered up the panel lines with basic putty.


All the main weapons for this kit are attached to the backpack, which is from the resin kit. The main cannon was actually the Bigwig cannon that came included with a very old edition of Dengeki Hobby magazine. It’s supposed to be a huge cannon, but at 1/400 scale, it fits nicely on the shoulder of my 1/144 Zaku Cannon. To attach it to the backpack, I used several joints and the dog leg from GM Sniper K9.


The side cannons are from the MSV kit. I used a series of joints from Kotobukiya MSG and HGBC Bolden Arm Arms to connect them to the backpack.

zakucan-wip_15 zakucan-wip_16

On the left side of the backpack, I attached something that resembles a smoke grenade disperser on tanks.


Lastly, I modified a Zaku machinegun from the HGUC Zaku Sniper kit. I attached a vernier at the muzzle and added the stock from the Zaku Sniper rifle.



The completed kit can now be viewed here.

HGUC Galluss K – Work in progress

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The initial plan for this Galluss-K project is to kitbash the HGUC Schuzrum Galluss with an older HG 1/144 Gallus-J kit. That plan changed when I bought a Galluss-K resin kit conversion at the C3 hobby show. You’d think that this will then be a straight-forward job, but it turned out not to be the case. Now let’s get started:

From the figure below, I had three heads to choose from. I couldn’t decide between the Galluss J or K heads, so I kept both.


I had to remove some excess plastic from the Galluss-J head to accommodate the internal parts from the Schuzrum Galluss head.


I trimmed off the original monoeye from the Schuzrum Galluss part and attached a round plate. Onto that I will attach a clear pink lens from Wave.



The shoulder armor is from the resin kit, but I replaced the spikes with the ones from Kotobukiya MSG.


The arms are from the HGUC kit, but I had to remove the ‘sleeves’. I simply covered that part with putty and sanded it out.



The backpack consists of several huge chunks of resin. The resin kit didn’t come with any verniers, but fortunately I had plenty of spares lying around.


Another problem is that the original polycap joints in the HGUC body might not be able to support the backpack weight, leading to some balance issues. Therefore I decided to use the sturdier double ball joints from Hobby Base. I attached it to the upper body with some epoxy putty.


To connect the double joint to the hips, I attached a small pipe wrapped in epoxy putty to where the original polycap was. That way the body can still swivel sideways.


I had to trim some of the HGUC groin parts to accommodate the new resin part.


Likewise for the back part. In this case I had to remove a large chunk of the back skirt armor in order to attach the resin part.



The thighs are from the HGUC kit, but I attached some plaplate to hide the joint that connects the leg to the body.


I had to cut off the HGUC knee from the shin armor and attach the resin knee to the HGUC shin armor.


The rest of the leg is just attaching resin parts to the HGUC legs.


The resin kit comes with a shoulder mounted cannon and two forearm mounted cannons. I decided not to use the resin shoulder cannon and instead used the rifle from the HG Jahanam kit, with some modifications of course. First I cut off the rounded muzzle and replaced it with a rectangular vent. Then I cut off the grip and replaced it with a joint from Kotobukiya MSG.



In addition to the above mods, I had to perform extra work on the resin parts. First, I soaked them in soapy water followed by a light scrub to remove any excess chemicals on the surface. As I was test fitting, I noticed some surfaces of the resin were uneven. I remedied it using some basic putty and lots of sanding. I didn’t want any resin powder flying around in my room so I did wet sanding instead.
To bind the resin pieces together, super glue is often adequate. But to reinforce the binding, I inserted a metal rod or pin on one half of a resin part. That metal pin is then inserted into a hole I drilled on the other half.



So here’s what it looked like before painting:

galluss-k_wip_14 galluss-k_wip_15

For reference, here’s what was on display when I bought the resin kit.


Efreet Schneid – Work in progress

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Kept you waiting, huh..

After months of being in a state of disregard, I finally decided to focus my attention on the the Efreet Schneid. My initial plan for this build is to merge an Efreet Nacht resin kit with some existing HG Gouf kits. I changed my mind many times as I tried to mix and match parts to see which combination works. That has led to some delay to my Zeon Remnants Project but I eventually settled on the final look. Rather than keeping to the original Efreet Schneid design, I aimed for this look instead, minus the spiky shoulders.


Head: I’m using the resin kit for the head. Unfortunately I broke the commander horn, but I replaced it with a spare one from a HGUC Zaku kit.


To connect the head to the body, I attached a small pipe at the neck so that the head can swivel sideways.


Body: I experimented with different chests: Gouf chest, and then a HiZack chest. I was not satisfied with either of them, so I decided to use the resin kit chest. Problem was, how to attach the arms, head and waist to the chest? I solved it by drilling holes in the resin chest and attaching various ball joint sockets for the arms, head and waist.


I used the midriff from my Gouf R35 kit, but I had to modify it to accommodate the resin chest. Parts were trimmed off, and gaps were filled with either plaplate or putty.


The backpack from the resin kit was used as it is, except for the additional pipe to accommodate the power cables from the abdomen.


The hips were from the Gouf R35 kit. I attached a square vent at the groin.


Arms: I initially wanted to use the Efreet Nacht shoulders + Gouf R35 arms, but I had problems attaching them together. So I scrapped that idea and used Gouf Custom shoulders and arms instead. I removed the spikes from the shoulders and will replace them with flat, round plates.
I removed the bulge on the right forearm that accommodates the Gouf whip. The resulting gap was filled with putty.


Legs: This was another part that got me stuck. I used the thighs and knee joints from the Gouf Custom; that’s no problem. I wanted to use the lower legs from the resin kit, but there’s no gap for me to attach the knee joints. So I abandoned them and just used the Gouf Custom lower legs. I did however attach some 0.5mm plaplate on the lower shins.


And also some square vents at the feet:


Weapons: I purchased a Giant Bazooka from the Johnny Riden Zaku kit at Yellow Submarine. For melee weapons, I used some daggers that came with the resin kit.
In addition, I used the giant beam axe from System Weapons 007. But the pole was too long, so I cut off some of it and reattached them with a pipe.

efreets-wip_11 efreets-wip_12

Painting: No custom color scheme this time; I’ll be using the original Efreet Schneid color scheme, in all its purple glory.

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