HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo – Work in Progress

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I used up quite a bit of the original HGUC GM Sniper II White Dingo parts for other projects and for some botched experimentation. So I decided to gather the remaining parts and kitbash them with other parts to make a complete kit. The main objective was to fix the clunky proportions of the original.

Head: The original head was lost to an early attempt at facial surgery. So I used the normal GM Sniper II head instead. I added some details to the attachment on the right ear and replaced the antenna with a Wave option part.

Body: The original body was also lost to an abandoned experiment. Thankfully I still had the GM Sniper II K9 body. To it I attached the more slender waist from the HGUC RX-78 Revive. Gaps were filled with epoxy putty.

Inside the torso I attached a ball joint and its socket.

To the RX-78 waist I attached another ball joint socket.

The hips were from HGUC GM Ground Type, but I retained the side skirt armor of the original.

At the back, I attached the twin beam sabre hilt.

I still had the original backpack, but I added extra details like this round vent:

and this square vernier:

Arms: I used up the original forearms in my GM/GM Command build. So I used the GM Ground Type forearms. The shoulder armor was from the GM Sniper Custom kit.

To attach the elbow armor to forearms, I glued the peg onto the elbow joint:

Legs: I wanted sexier thighs for this build, so I used the ones from the HGUC RX-79[G] Revive kit. I carved out some grooves for added detail:

To attach those sexy thighs to the GM Sniper legs, I had to modify the joints. First I cut off some parts from the RX-79[G] thigh joint:

I did the same to the GM Sniper knee joint:

Glue those parts together and you get this. Now the RG-79[G] thighs can be slotted onto the knee joints.

On the ankle armor, I added 1mm square pipes for extra detail.

On the feet, I also attached 1mm wide plastic strip for added detail.

I still had an extra rifle stock from the now discontinued System Weapon 004 set. So I attached it to the original Sniper Rifle. I also replaced the scope with the one from the GM/GM weapons set.

The original kit came with another rifle, but the stock was detached from another failed experiment. Anyway I reattached it using some spare parts from the GM/GM weapons set. The scope was also slightly modified.

Some vital parts of the original White Dingo shield were missing. But I still had the GM Ground Type shield. So to combine those two parts together, I had to remove some extra pegs from the White Dingo shield and drill some holes on the Ground Type shield.

So here’s the overall look prior to painting:



HGUC GM White Dingo – Work in progress

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I initially planned to use parts from the latest HG 1/144 Origin GM Intercept Custom kit for this build, but somehow I ended up using slightly older HGUC kits instead. So here’s the breakdown:

Head: At first I wanted to use the GM Intercept head, but when I plopped it onto the GM III body, it looks quite small. So I decided to use the original HGUC GM head which looks slightly oversized. I couldn’t decide which one is better, so I kept both.

Body: The GM Intercept’s chest vents are lined up vertically, instead of horizontally like in most GMs. So I decided to use the HGUC GM III body instead. To make it look like a normal GM body, I removed the sensor on the left shoulder and filled the gap with putty.

I also filled some gaps around the chest vents to make it flush with the body.

The GM III body is stiff, and unable to bend in any direction. I decided to fix that using some ball joints. First I had to remove excess plastic from the underside of the torso. Then I superglued a ball joint socket inside.

The waist was lengthened by 1.2mm using plaplate attached to the bottom. To hide empty gaps when the torso is bending, I attached some plaplate on the top part.

I removed the peg from the original hip part to make way for another ball joint socket. The whole body is connected by a series of ball joints from M.S.G and Hobby Base.

Some details were added to the front skirt armor using 0.5mm plaplate and 1mm square pipes.

The back skirt also looked empty, so I added some details by scribing some new panel lines using a chisel.

The only part from the GM Intercept that I used was the backpack. To make it fit the GM III body, I just cut and pasted the connecting peg from the GM III backpack to the GM Intercept backpack.

Arms: The shoulder armor of the GM Intercept is different from a typical GM. The ones from the HGUC RX-78 Revive were closer to what I wanted, so I used those plus the whole arm.

Legs: At this point, using the GM Intercept legs connected to a GM III body with RX-78 arms looked a bit strange. So I used the HGUC GM II legs instead. The thighs were lengthened by 2mm.

And to compensate for the elongated thighs, a longer peg (3mm diameter rod) was connected to the knee joint.

The GM II knees looked a bit long, so I shortened it a bit by cutting the top off and filling the gap with plaplate & putty.

The thruster holes in the calves were filled with putty.

On the ankle armor, I attached some detail parts.

Armaments: I used the shield and machine gun from the HGUC Blue Destiny kit with no modifications.

So here’s what the whole thing looked like:

As planned, I’ll paint it in White Dingo colors, using this P-Bandai HGUC version as reference:


GM/GM Cold Districts – Work in progress

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So impressed was I with the GM/GM kit, that I purchased another one. But this time I wanted to make a GM Cold District out of it. To differentiate it from the GM/GM Command, I made different types of modifications for this project.

The original HGUC GM Cold District head was used. The antenna was from MS Blade 01.

Instead of transplanting the chest vents from the HGUC kit, I modified the GM/GM chest vents using some plaplate.

I used the HGUC crotch piece, but reduced the height slightly by cutting & pasting. The front skirt armor was from the HGUC kit.

I used the HGUC GM Colony type backpack.

To attach it to the GM/GM body, I first removed extra plastic from the inside of the backpack. Then I inserted two pieces of extra runner to the GM/GM body, and stuck some epoxy putty on top. The backpack was put in position and left for a while until the putty hardens.

The shoulder armor was from the GM Guard Custom kit.

The original GM/GM arms were used, but I plugged the additional holes with epoxy putty.

Holes on the GM/GM legs were filled with epoxy putty.

Some pla plate was attached to the shins.

I had an extra shield from the RG RX-78 kit, but I replaced the yellow cross with plaplate.

For the weapon, I decided to recreate the type-100 submachine gun. I used the GM/GM weapons set as base, and the barrel was from the SEED HG Slaughter kit. I drilled holes on the barrel and inserted a tube inside.

For the color scheme, I’ll stick to the original.

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