GM/GM Command – Work in progress

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After using one of the GM/GM heads for my HGUC GIMM build, I was left with two remaining heads. One of them looked like the GM Command head so I went along with that theme.

The head vulcans were replaced with some detail parts from Wave. A hole was drilled on the forehead sensor to accommodate a clear part, also from Wave. The chin protrusion was given a little shave.

To make the GM/GM body look more like the GM Command, a couple of pla-plate sheets were attached to the shoulders.

The chest vents from the actual HGUC GM Command kit were transplanted to the GM/GM chest. A significant portion was trimmed to make it fit inside the GM/GM chest.

The hips were from the GM/GM kit, with 1mm plaplate added on the crotchpiece.

The beam sabre holder from the GM Command kit was glued to the back skirt.

The front and side skirt armors were also from the GM Command kit.

The original GM Command backpack was used. To attach it to the GM/GM body, new pegs were made from spare runners.

Some details were added to the the backpack using a chisel.

The shoulder armor was from the GM Sniper II kit. The position of the peg was modified so that the shoulder armor was raised. To do that, the original peg was cut, and then transplanted to a lower position.

The forearms were also from the GM Sniper II. They were elongated by 1.2mm using the standard method, and  square verniers were attached to the wrists.

Holes had to be drilled through the square verniers to accommodate the  hands.

The GM/GM legs were used. Detail parts were added on the calves.

The soles of the GM/GM feet had some empty gaps. Normally I wouldn’t bother filling them up, but this time I just felt like doing so. Epoxy putty was used to do the job.

The GM Sniper K9 shield was used; two holes were drilled at the top of the shield for the round, grey bits. This was just so that I had less things to mask during painting.

The beam gun was from the original HGUC GM Command kit. The grip was a bit large for the GM/GM hands, so some trimming was needed.

I decided to stay true to the GM Command theme and went for the red/white color scheme.


HGUC Blue Destiny – Work in progress

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This is another case of buying spare parts to add to existing spare parts, if that makes sense. Basically I had some leftover HGUC Ground Type parts from the previous GM Head build.
The remaining parts were the body and head, so I needed some arms and legs to complete it. I went to Yellow Submarine to find some body parts and found mostly Blue Destiny parts on that day, so that’s what I went with.
If you didn’t know already, Yellow Submarine shop in Akihabara sells gunpla spare parts, separated by body part, e.g legs only or arms only. The selection is fairly random, so you may not always get the parts you wanted. But they tend to have parts of new kits a day or so after release. Anyway, on with the build:

Instead of using the new HGUC GM Ground Type head, I bought the new HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 heads. Heads because the kit came with 2 head variants. I used the one with the commander antenna.

For the top half of the body, I used the GM Ground Type parts. On the shoulders, I added some detail parts from Wave.

I decided to replace the square chest vents with the muzzle from a pair of HGUC Kampfer shotguns. I had to drill some holes on the GM chest first to accommodate them.

The hips were from the Gundam Local Type kit. I inserted a ball joint and socket from Hobby Base, and padded it with epoxy putty.

Instead of elongating the waist like I always did, this time I added corrugated pla-plate (from M.S.G) around the waist, like so:

I still had the shoulder armor from the GM Ground Type, but no arms. So I bought the HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 3 arms. Since they’re both from the newer kits, there’s no compatibility issues. For the hands, I again went for the RG Mk. II hands like I did with the GM Head.

I used the legs from the HGUC Blue Destiny Unit 1 kit as it is. The only issue was the visible seam lines on the ankle armor. Instead of using the typical method of seam-line removal, I decided to disguise the seam-line by adding 1mm plastic strips near it, like so:

Now it appears that the seam line is a natural part of the design.

No specific weapons this time. That’s because I have plenty of Little Armory weapons stocked up, hence the RG hands.

So this is the picture I took when I was testing for the overall proportions:

This is a fairly short work-in-progress post. I didn’t modify too many things for this build because I wanted to focus on the paintjob. Which in this case is the woodland camo. Here’s a mockup of what I had in mind:

I’ve attempted several camo paint-jobs on Gunpla before, but I was never really happy with any of them. Hopefully this time I’ll get it right.

HGUC GM Head – Work in progress

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Even though I already built a GM Ground Type by converting the HGUC RX-79[G] kit, I still ended up buying the new HGUC GM Ground Type kit.
Despite being a modern HGUC kit, some parts of the design didn’t sit well with me. Firstly, the face visor looks too narrow. Secondly, the chest vents look too big, as do the front skirt armors. So those were the things that I decided to change up for this build.

I had a spare Ground type GM head that came with the P-Bandai White Dingo GM Sniper II kit. I attached the left cheek(?) from the HGUC Jesta head.

I decided to use the body from the old RX-79[G] kit. On the top part of the chest, I attached some square plates.

To improve mobility, I used ball joints from Hobby Base, with the socket attached to the upper chest,

and in the midriff.

I also lengthened the bottom part by 1.2mm using plaplate.

On the front skirt armor, I attached some leftover detail parts from my HCM-Pro models.

At the back, I added a hatch door from Kotobukiya MSG. I also drilled a hole to attach spare magazines from my HGUC Dom Tropen kit.

The old RX-79[G] and the new Ground Type GM kits have different pegs to which the legs attach. The RX-79[G] has a ball-like tip (B-type) whereas the GM has a rod-like tip (R-type). The new Ground Type GM leg can only fit the R-type peg.

To attach the R-type peg to the RX-79[G] groin, I first drilled a hole at the bottom of the hip part.

Then I inserted a spare polycap inside the cavity.

This will ensure the new peg won’t slip out and retains it’s ability to swivel.

For the side skirt armor, I used the ones from my HGUC GM Striker kit. However, it looked too thin so I added 1.2mm plaplate at the back.

Attaching the new GM arms to the old RX-79[G] body was more problematic that I expected, so I just used the RX-79[G] arms instead. I cut off some plastic in the inner part of the shoulder armor to allow the deltoid(?) part to be inserted after painting.

I added some details on the shoulder armor using MSG parts and 1mm pla strips.

The holes and gashes were made using a drill and chisel.

I decided to use the new GM forearms because it looked so much better. The RG Mk. II Gundam hands were used because I wanted this kit to hold my various Little Armory weapons properly. To connect the old HGUC elbow joints, new GM forearms and RG hands together, I’ll just stuff some epoxy putty inside the forearms and just stick the parts together.

I used the new GM legs with minor additions. This included 1mm square beams to the ankle armors,

and 1mm plaplate to the feet.

I wanted to make a unique weapon for this build, and decided to recreate the MAC-10 submachinegun (SMG).

The base is MSG Weapon Unit 40 (Multi-caliber). I cut off the original grip. On the MAC-10, the grip also holds the magazine. So I cut & pasted the magazine from the Zaku II F2 SMG. The trigger guard was also from the Zaku SMG. The wire stock was from the Ground Type GM SMG.

I also decided to use the suppressor from the new MSG Assault Rifle 2. But it was too long. So I did a cut and paste job, removing excess plastic in the middle.

Also I thought now would be a good chance to use the System Weapons 003 shield. I went for the claw type shield, with no modifications.

So this is what it roughly looks like:

And this is the color scheme that I’m gunning for. It’s based off the S-type Gundam from Thunderbolt.

Completed kit can now be viewed here.

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