Zeon Remnants Project

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For me, there’s only two memorable scenes from the Unicorn OVA. The first was the Kshatriya vs Jegans skirmish in Episode 1. The second is the attack on a Federation base by Zeon remnant forces in Episode 4. After looking at the Zeon remnant units from this list, I decided to pay homage to that scene by make a series of builds that I call the Zeon Remnants Project.

I narrowed it down to a few kits, based on their design. I prefer a more militaristic feel to my kits and not too keen on unconventional designs like the Zogok and Juaggu. Another factor is the availability of the kit and/or spare parts. Some units do not have official HGUC releases, so I have to rely on resin kits or old MSV kits. So here’s the list of what I’ve completed and what I’m planning to do in the future.



I built the Dwadge before I conceived of this project, but I’ll just add it to the list for the sake of completeness. It’s made up of resin parts using a HGUC Dom as a base. You can view the completed kit here.



There is an actual HGUC Marasai (Unicorn ver), but I used the older, orange HGUC Marasai kit I bought years ago. Made some changes to the weaponry and shoulders, and added Zimmerit coating effect. You can view the completed kit here.

Zaku Mariner


Just a simple build with a backpack transplanted from the Zee Zulu. Stayed true to the original color scheme and added some light weathering effects. Completed kit is here.

Zee Zulu


Although not officially listed as a Zeon remnant unit, I included the Zee Zulu because I kinda liked the design. At least it was shown fighting with the other Zeon remnant units in the OVA. Instead of buying the actual HGUC kit, I bought many different spare parts from Yellow Submarine to build a frankenstein kit. It won’t be an amphibious unit anymore, but a long-range ground assault unit. Stay tuned…



Planning a simple project for this one. Just repaint the RG Char’s Z’gok to the color scheme above. Maybe just add some light weathering effects like the Zaku Mariner.

Zaku Sniper


Probably my favourite unit from the list. I have the HGUC Zaku Sniper kit, but the proportions look slightly outdated. I’m thinking attaching the Zaku Sniper parts to a more modern HGUC or RG Zaku kit.

Dom Tropen


An old HGUC kit, and I’m anticipating a lot of modifications for this one. I’ve already decided to change the armaments to a handheld gatling cannon, with the ammo storage mounted on the back. Inspired by the Dom Barrage design.

Zaku Cannon


There is no HGUC kit for the Zaku Cannon, only an old 1/144 MSV kit. To do a full conversion might sound too troublesome, so another option is to do a Zaku Half Cannon. Yes, there is such a thing. Maybe I’ll do a mashup of both, a Zaku Three-Quarter Cannon perhaps?

Galluss K


I was kinda disappointed Bandai released the HGUC Schuzrum Galluss instead of the Galluss K. Nevertheless, I was determined to make one, so I bought an old 1/144 Galluss J kit with plans to modify it to the Gallus K. Maybe I’ll scour for some additional spare parts from Yellow Submarine to improve the old kit.

Efreet Schneid


This will probably be the most challenging build in this series. There’s no HGUC kit or old 1/44 kits for the Efreet Schneid, but I found a resin recast kit of Efreet Nacht on Yahoo Auctions. It actually looks better than the Schneid, with a better color scheme as well. But since it’s a full resin kit, it won’t be posable like normal gunpla. I was thinking of transplanting some HGUC joints to the resin parts to counter that.

So there you have it, the outline of my most ambitious project to date. Have I bitten off more than I can chew? As daunting as it looks, I still hope to finish off this project by the end of this year. Ganbarimasu!

HGUC Zaku Mariner – Work in progress

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Compared to older HGUC Zaku kits, the Zaku Mariner feels and looks more modern. I decided not to modify the proportions and articulation, but just do a simple kitbash by swapping the backpack.

Head: Due to the design, the Zaku Mariner doesn’t have a swiveling monoeye. Instead of using the supplied pink sticker, I drilled a hole and inserted a lens attachment (Builders parts).


Body: I added some plaplate to the chest and crotch for added detail. The front skirt armor is unfortunately a single part. I cut the middle part and reattached it to the body using epoxy putty. The hinge was cut in half to make the two sides move independently.

zakumari_wip_01 zakumari_wip_02

For the backpack, I used the one leftover from my ongoing Zee Zulu project. It looks way nicer than the original Zaku Mariner backpack. Because the pegs and holes are incompatible, I made new connections using leftover sprue attached to the backpack using epoxy putty. I drilled holes to accommodate the chest power cables and added some detail parts.

zakumari_wip_03 zakumari_wip_04

Arms: I added some extra fins on the shoulders. The left forearm was supposed to shoot out a cable, but I replaced it with a harpoon. The retracted part just consists of the original cable end with a pointy tip attached. The actual harpoon is actually a plastic toothpick. I just glued some detail parts to it to make it look less like a toothpick. The kit only comes with a left hand fist, so I used a pair of Zeon type fists (Builders parts).

zakumari_wip_05 zakumari_wip_07 zakumari_wip_06

Legs: Nothing much to modify here, just added some detail parts and plaplate.

zakumari_wip_09 zakumari_wip_08

Weapons: The kit comes with a handheld rocket launcher. There wasn’t much details on it, so I added some using MSG parts.

zakumari_wip_11 zakumari_wip_10


51st All Japan Model & Hobby Show (Part 1)

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I should’ve posted this sooner, but there were other things that require attention. Anyway, after missing the last two, I decided to pay this year’s hobby show a visit. FYI, you can get a 300yen discount on the entry ticket by printing a coupon from the hobby show website. I’ll start off with some Gunpla stuff and in the next post I’ll put up a gallery of other stuff from the show.
So to kick things off, here’s some pics of Bandai’s latest Gundam anime, Gundam AGE. From what I’ve seen so far (the anime & gunpla), I’m definitely not interested. But for those of you who are, there’s plenty of AGE gunpla for you:

The above are the HG releases, but it didn’t take too long for them to release a 1/48 mega size scale:

Here’s some stuff from the Gunpla Builder’s section, some of which were published in Hobby Japan magazine:

And here’s some Limited edition stuff on sale for the Gunpla Expo in Akihabara. Too bad I couldn’t attend it. From what I saw there’s a RG Strike Rogue, a pink Bearguy, clear RG RX-78 & Exia, a shiny AGE and PG RX-78. Hmm, not so interesting…

But here’s something I might look forward to: weapons set in 1/144 scale. Currently there’s the gattling guns for the Unicorn & some Zaku machine guns. Also, a fancy display base will also be on sale soon. It seems to fit 1/144 scale models, but it can expand to accomodate the smaller MGs (Wing series, Crossbone).


Next is the Gundam Unicorn section. From the HGUC series, there’s the Zee Zulu and Dra-C, and you can see them in action on Vol.4 of Gundam Unicorn. Hopefully Bandai will release a remake of the Kapool. There’s also clear versions of the Sinanju and Ksatriya, but I’m not sure if they’re limited items or not.

Then there’s the MG Full Armor Unicorn. The amount of weapons attached is bordering on the ridiculous. For sure assembling all of them will keep you occupied for quite some time.

Moving on to the Gundam SEED section, where there’s been a sort of a revival. The first few SEED Gundams (Strike, Aegis, Buster, Duel, Blitz) will be re-released with some minor changes: 1) The box art will be different; 2) an adapter peg for the Bandai Action  Base will be included; 3) the color of the plastic will be slightly different; 4) marking stickers will be attached.

But the main attraction is undoubtedly the RG Freedom. If I didn’t already have a MG Freedom, I would have bought this RG version. I’ll probably skip this one and wait what’s next on the RG production line. A Zeta perhaps?


Here’s some B-club releases: Turn-X, Nemo & Gelgoog


And finally here’s some pics from the Gundam Wing section. Headline news is the already released MG Sandrock, which looks cool. Might get one in the future. But my main interest is in the upcoming MG Heavyarms. I already have the HG 1/100 from the Endless Waltz OVA, but I’m definitely getting this MG version. What’s next on the line? A MG Tallgeese perhaps?

And there you have it. All the Gunpla-related items from the 51st All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Photos from other exhibits can be found in Part II here.

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