Year or the GM – Final report

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So with the HG GM Sniper Custom, I finally completed 12 GM kits this year. There was a late flurry in December, but on average it’s 1 HG kit a month. You can view each of them below:




Even though they’re all GMs, they’re pretty diverse. Therere’s a mix of straight out-of-box builds, simple kitbashes,  custom paintjobs, and quite a bit of customization; resulting in some tall, some short builds

Some have quite similar color schemes, like a white-blue or white-red combo:

or green with red visors:

In between builds, I managed to complete several Little Armory kits, including a kitbash.

To go with these weapons, I also bought some extra skeletons and a synthetic human.

2018 was indeed the Year of the GM. Twelve HG kits in a year was a daunting task for me. I probably wouldn’t attempt something similar anytime soon, but then again, it was a good motivation for me to reduce my gunpla backlog. So I leave you with this very cramped group photo:



Year of the GM – Mid term report

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It’s already July, so I thought I’d post an update of my “Year of the GM” project. As you can see below, I only managed to finish six kits so far, slightly below the expected rate of one kit per month.

I don’t like naming favourites, but I’m most happy with how the Thunderbolt GM turned out. Based on the Modelers-G points however, it seems the GM/GM Command has a commanding lead (pun intended) over the others. You can view them below, and let me know if you agree with the ranking.

As for the other six kits, there’s been some changes to the initial plan. After some deliberating, I decided on these final six:

No changes:


GM Sniper II White Dingo: Instead of using the GM/GM as base, I decided to use as much of the original HGUC parts as possible. Maybe I’ll just modify the proportions a bit.

GM Light Armor: I’ll persist with the idea of using the RG RX-78-2 as base, and sticking a GM head on it. Which GM head is not fixed; either one from a resin kit or from the upcoming HGUC releases this year.

New challenges:

Powered GM: I’m planning just a simple custom paintjob for this one. Not so keen on the orange-white color scheme.

GM Cold District Type: I was so impressed with the GM/GM kit that I decided to make another GM variant using it as base. I’ll most likely do the same modifications like the GM Command, and just play around with the weaponry.

GM White Dingo: An addition to the White Dingo team. I’m thinking of using the upcoming HG GM Guard Custom as base and painting it to White Dingo colors.

GM Sniper Custom: I preordered mine from P-Bandai and it should arrive by August. Hopefully that leaves me with enough time to finish it by year’s end.

So that’s what I have planned for the rest of the year. I’m a bit busy in July, so I’ll most likely restart the project next month. I’ll have to be super productive if I want to finish all six planned kits. Maybe at the cost of reducing modifications. Well, we’ll see…

Now on twitter

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Yes, I know I’m late to this social media thingy, but at least now I have a twitter account:

As you can see, it’s bare bones at the moment. For now I’ll just use it to announce my recently finished kits, I guess. Maybe I’ll also add some random gunpla-related pics there as well.

Speaking of which, I finally got to see the 1:1 scale Unicorn in Odaiba today. Also went to see the Gundam Base on the 7th floor of the shopping mall behind it. It was in Destroy mode when I went in, and by the time I went out, it already transformed to Unicorn mode. It’s not a full transformation obviously, but I should watch out for it the next time I visit.

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