HGUC Juaggu

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The Juaggu design is all sorts of unconventional: a dorayaki-shaped head, an acorn-shaped body, an elephant trunk, three-digit hands, and washing machine water hose for legs.
The other parts I can get used to, but those legs just have to go. I used the HGUC Juaggu (MSV version) from P-Bandai because of ((reasons)), and replaced the leg with HGUC Hygogg legs.

Materials & methods:

You can read the work in progress here.
The plastic colors of the MSV Juaggu were a shade of milk-chocolate and dark chocolate. I repainted this kit according to the Juaggu colors as it appeared in the OVA.
The colors I used were straight from the bottle, except for the light brown parts which were a mix of Khaki and grey-brown.
Some masking was required for the crotch part and the four red nipple cannons.
After the decals I applied some scratch marks using my fine tip Gundam marker and finished with flat topcoat.


Some action poses:



I have to admit, I’m starting to warm up to the Juaggu design. It still looks goofy, but somewhat endearing. Not sure whether the added tusks and mohawk made things any better.
But I have no regrets replacing the legs. The only downside to the Hygogg legs are the really weak polycap joints at the knees. The Juaggu tends to topple over unless the legs are spread apart to lower the center of gravity. So posing was a bit troublesome. Another minus point is the right arm of the MSV Juaggu. The arms can hardly bend to 90 degrees.
But overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this kit ended up looking. Hopefully the same can be said for the Zogok…

HGUC Juaggu – Work in progress

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For this build, I’ll be using the MSV version of the Juaggu, obtained from P-Bandai website. So as always let’s go through it part by part:

Unlike most gunpla, the Juaggu’s head is huge. That leaves a lot of space for modifications. I decided to stick a beam axe from the HG Jahanam kit in the middle, resulting in a mohawk-like hairdo. I trimmed off some parts of the beam axe to make it fit to the head.

Here’s what it looks like with the clear part attached:

I decided to supplement the Juaggu’s elephant-ish design by attaching a pair of tusks. They’re actually the shoulder spikes from my HGBF Gouf R35.

For the monoeye, I drilled a hole at the original spot and attached the lens socket from MS Lens.


The main difference between the MSV version and the regular release is the arm. The MSV version has a regular right arm and a triple cannon left arm. I replaced the right hand with 1/100 Zeon type hands from MS Hands. Also decided to procure the pincer claws from the HG Mobile Worker kit.

Seam lines were very obvious on the shoulders. Instead of removing them using the usual method, I attached a strip of pla-plate in the middle of the seam line to hide it.


The legs are the one thing that I just have to replace. The original ones look like a water hose from a washing machine. I wasn’t sure which legs to replace them with, so I browsed through dalong.net and narrowed it down to Hygogg or Mobile Worker legs. I made a rough mockup of how they would look like and decided to go for the Hygogg legs.

To attach the Hygogg legs to the Juaggu, I removed the original Juaggu hip joint and attached a ball joint socket from Hobby Base.

I also decided to use different types of feet for this, so I used the leftover Gallus-J feet. I trimmed of the toes a little bit and used more Hobby Base ball joints & sockets to attach them to the Hygogg legs.

So that’s about all the mods I did for this one. For painting, I’ll stick to the original Juaggu color scheme.

#You can now view the finished kit here.

Zeon Remnants Project: The Remnants

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Looking back at this list, I’ve completed 10/15 of the mobile suits for this project. Excluding the Shamblo, that leaves four remaining units: the Juaggu, Kapool, Zogok and Desert Gelgoog. For the sake of completion, I have decided to build these four Remnants of the Zeon Remnants Project.

At the beginning of the project, I stated my lack of interest in the non-conventional designs of the Juaggu, Kapool & Zogok. That opinion hasn’t changed much, but I thought I might as well make them to look less goofy (especially the Juaggu & Zogok).


Instead of the standard HGUC Juaggu, I bought the MSV version (P-Bandai) which has a normal right arm. The plastic colors are different as well. The one thing that I can’t stand about the Juaggu is the leg design. I’ll be replacing them with some spare parts I have lying around.


I bought this old HG Kapool kit from somewhere a long time ago. Now seems like a good chance to finally build this kit. I have nothing against the Kapool design, so I’d expect the majority of the mods would involve improving the articulation.


This has to be the one of the wackiest looking kits of the four. I’ve contemplated adding a head to make it look more like a normal mobile suit, but it made it look even worse. So for now I’ll just replace the limbs with those from HG Age Titus. Will it look less wacky? I don’t really know…

Desert Gelgoog

The Desert Gelgoog was left out from the original list because frankly the design doesn’t look as interesting as the others. Plus there’s no actual Desert Gelgoog kit so I would have to modify a normal HGUC Gelgoog into the Desert version. I probably won’t replicate the original design 100% but I hopefully it would still look ‘Desert’ enough.


So these four builds will the last of my Zeon Remnants Project. At this point, all four are in various stages of completion. I cut the parts from the runners and trying out various parts to kitbash. Will I be able to finish them all by this year? I doubt it, but I will がんばります.

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