Gundam Sadalsuud Type F

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This is only my second kit from the Gundam 00 series and my third resin kit. The Sadalsuud didn’t actually make an appearance in the anime; it’s actually the predecessor to the Gundam Dynames. It’s no surprise then that a HG Gundam Dynames kit is required to build a Sadalsuud Type F. The defining feature of the Sadalsuud Type F is the two shield-like devices attached to the left & right shoulders, which I will refer to as ‘sensor shields’.

Materials & methods:

Like the Full Armor Gundam kit, this one also has a lot of small resin parts. Some parts were so small I had to double check to make sure it was an actual part, not some recasting artifact. I had to trim excess resin parts and drill deeper holes to make the parts fit, but generally it was less problematic compared to my RG Full Armor Gundam project.

The only parts used from the HG Dynames kit were the arms and legs. The rest of the parts were resin and the main bulk of it is actually the sensor shields. Originally, the sensor shields are attached to the shoulders using a resin part, meaning that they had to be glued together. This will limit the movements & poses I can make with it, so I decided to use the original plastic parts from HG Dynames (which are moveable) to link the sensor shields to the shoulders.

I actually lost two very small resin parts that make up the v-fin, so I just made new ones using pla-plate. There were panels that were meant to be attached to the rear thrusters, but the resin parts were slightly deformed so I decided to omit them. The resin kit includes a Revolve Bazooka, meaning I can use the original Dynames sniper rifle for another project. I also used the closed-fist hands from HD Builders Parts since the HG Dynames kit doesn’t have them. I got a bit lazy and didn’t fix the seam lines at the back of the ankle and forearms.

I primed all the parts (resin & original plastic) using dark-grey surfacer (Gaianotes Evo Spray). Since the photo attached to the resin kit wasn’t very useful, I had to rely on google for this image as a reference for painting. The feet, knees, shoulders and chest were sprayed with navy blue (Mr Color). The sensor shields were sprayed with lighter shade of navy blue (Tamiya) while the arms & legs were sprayed with Intermediate Blue. The round sensor parts on the shields, knees and forehead were sprayed with Pearl Green (Tamiya) and some parts on the chest were sprayed with orange-yellow (Mr Color).

The joints and hands were unpainted, and I added panel lines using black enamel. For the rest of the parts, I added panel lines using desert brown enamel. I attached some decals originally meant for the HG Quanta plus some warning decals and finally added a layer of flat topcoat.



Compared to my previous resin kit, the building process was rather straightforward. The tedious part was actually the painting process. Although the color scheme is predominantly blue, there was a lot of masking involved particularly for the grey parts. To attach the resin parts together, I had to use superglue. However, the superglue tends to leave a whitish residue near the surrounding parts. I had to cover up that white residue by hand painting the intended colors over it.

From afar, the kit looks great. And I’m glad I made the choice to make the shield sensors movable; if not the action poses I can make will be very limited. I’m also quite impressed with the original HG Dynames kit. The knees can bend >90 degrees, and the wrists have added articulation. The ankles, groin and elbow movement are typical HG standard, unfortunately.

The only disappointing thing about this project is the quality of the resin kit. I can’t really complain actually, because it’s a cheap recast of the original resin kit (very expensive). I’m most disappointed with the face and head. For some reason, it seems to have a sad face. Overall, it’s not my best work, but at least it looks good when viewed from distance.

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010 (Part II)

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Here it is, the second part of this year’s Shizuoka Hobby show pics. There’s not much to write about, so I’ll just post the gallery. There’s plenty of images, so it might take a while to load. Anyway, enjoy!

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010 (Part I)

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Yep, it’s that time of the year again. My yearly pilgrimage to Japan’s biggest hobby show. I finally get to add some new content to this blog which has been lacking lately :p

So again I’ll split my coverage into 2 parts; the first will be the new products by the various vendors and companies, and later I’ll post builds by various modeling circles. So first off is the Bandai section and the major headline of the day: The-O will be released as an MG kit. This is based on a survey among the Japanese on the most wanted MG kits. The-O actually won 2nd place, with V2 Gundam and Double-O Riser placed 1st and 3rd respectively. Actually I’m quite surprised V2 was the most wanted MG kit, since Victory Gundam has already been released, I’m quite sure Bandai will release the V2 eventually. Same goes with the Double-O Riser.

Anyway here’s a pic of the prototype The-O; it’s quite huge actually. Expect to see more photos in the coming months.

Also on show are the samples of what’s coming along the MG production line. First up is the Full Armor Gundam. I have to say it doesn’t really appeal to me, coz Bandai went with the retro look of their recent RX-78 ver2.0. If the design was more to the Ver. Ka or the various resin kits, then I would’ve been sold.

Then there’s the Musha Gundam Mk.II. Great news is the gold parts will come as they are; all bling-bling, not like a certain St**ke Fr**dom. Surely a must have for those who already own the red Musha Gundam.

Victory Gundam fans rejoice (or despair, depending on your wallet). Next MG release will be the V Dash with new parts and loads of weapons. To be released separately will be the MG V Core Booster ver. Ka which you can combine with your existing plain ol’ Victory to become the the V Dash version. Also comes with the weapons and probably an extra display base.

Next is Bandai’s latest series of model kits, termed Real Grade. It’s the size of a 1/144 HG and comes with the internal frame akin to its MG counterpart, but without the nice details. Supposedly superior in flexibility and posing ability compared to the standard HG. First release will be the RX-78 and following that will be Char’s Zaku (surprise, surprise).

At the High Grade section there’s the already released models like Gundam X, G Gundam and ZZ Gundam. Also seen was a Gunpla Starter Set with the RX-78 and Zaku II together in one box, probably similar concept to the older HG RX-78[G] and MS-06J kit from the MS 08th series.

But what really got me salivating was the (probable) release of kits from the Unicorn series. I say probable because they’re not officially announced yet and the models on display were just ‘reference exhibition’. If they really do release the Sinanju and Delta Plus, they’ll definitely be on my shopping list. The Geara Zulu (Angelo Sauper type) also looks interesting, but according to the novel it will be in a nasty pink/purple color. It seems the only confirmed release is the GM Kai.

Some mechas from Gundam 00 will also be released as HG kits, though I’m not too familiar with these. Probably some sort of MSV or something. Next to it were the kits from the Gundam Seed MSV which look rather frankenstein-ish.

The Gunpla Pro Shop section offers balls, two actually. I’m not too sure of the specific details but you can easily find out from your favorite gunpla gossip blog.

Also available were resin conversion kits:

The new release from the Figurise series will be this Kamen Rider. Also seen was a prototype of Luffy from One Piece but I didn’t took any photos of it. Some new Evangelion kits will also be released, probably  in conjunction with the release of Eva 2.22 movie.

I also took some pics of some Keroro-pla, for those who are interested:

Moving away from the Bandai section there were the usual stuff like these Airsoft guns from Tokyo Marui.

And some pics from the Yamato booth:

And finally some uncategorized random pics from random sections. I actually wound up back at the Bandai booth after walking around in circles.

And so that’s it for this year’s Hobby show. I didn’t buy anything this year, except a kebab for lunch. I was hoping to find some Hasegawa Macross kits at a nice price, but all they had were some boring ones, probably leftovers from last year.

Part II can be found here.

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