Little Armory Mk18 mod 0

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#For a brief intro about the Little Armory series, refer to this earlier post for the M4A1 assault rifle#

Little Armory Mk18 mod 0 assault rifle

box_LA005For such a long name, the Mk18 mod 0 is essentially a modified M4 carbine with a shortened barrel, made for close quarters battle (CQB). Like most Little Armory kits, all the parts came as black plastic on runners. I painted the main body with gunmetal & german gray, while the accessories were painted with olive green and sand brown. Added some waterslide decals and applied some dry brushing effect.

Speaking of accessories, this one comes with plenty of parts as you can see below. But once you attach everything, the only spare part left is the long buttstock and extra magazine.


Compared to the Zaku machine gun, Little Armory SCAR-H and M4A1, the Mk18 is the smallest of the lot. But it does have a larger forward grip, laser module and buttstock compared to the M4A1.


Here’s some closeup photos:

And some poses with Mr. Skeleton and my Ground Type GM:

For a change of pace, I decided to recreate the box art pose with the Skeleton Warrior. Considering how silly it looks, maybe I should do this for all subsequent Little Armory kits.


Final word: I feel the Mk18 looks a lot better than the M4A1, but may not look as nice on HGUC kits due to its smaller size. It almost feels like a submachinegun on the GM.


Little Armory SCAR-H

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#For a brief intro about the Little Armory series, refer to this earlier post for the M4A1 assault rifle#

SCAR-H assault rifle

I bought two versions of the Little Armory SCAR-H assault rifle. The one you see on the left is the standard version. The one on the right is a limited version, sold at hobby events. They are essentially identical, save for the color of the plastic and some variation in the box art.

The standard version came in two shades of plastic: desert brown and black. I painted it with a combination of sand brown, yellow brown, and gunmetal. Added some decals and sprayed a layer of flat topcoat.


It comes with a few optional parts: a scope, iron sights, a long and short stock, extra magazine,  and a suppressor. There’s 3 types of barrels (CQC, standard and long), but only one muzzle is supplied. For your reference, the long stock is unpainted, showing the original color of the plastic.

The limited version comes on totally black plastic runners. To make it look more presentable, I painted it with black, german gray and gun metal. As with the standard version, I added some decals and flat topcoat.


As I mentioned previously, the parts are totally identical with the standard version. I decided not to attach the scope on this one and just use the CQC barrel. However, it did come with an extra sheet of paper as you can see below:


I’m not really sure of it’s purpose, but there’s a section for you to arrange the SCAR-H parts like this:


Here’s what it looks compared to the RX-78 beam rifle, the Kotobukiya HK416, and the Little Armory M4A1. The SCAR-H generally looks more hefty compared to the M4A1.  And you can really stretch out its length by using the long stock + long barrel + suppressor.


And here’s some additional shots of the SCAR-H. Oh, and did I mention that you can fold the stock, just like the real thing? Also the sight near the barrel is actually fold able, but it didn’t feel secure so glued them in position: folded in the standard version and upright in the limited version.

So now it’s time to put it in the arms of Skelly-san. Since there’s two items this time, I thought he might need a little help. So I bought the Figma Archetype figure: the transparent female version. She does look a bit invisible on white backing paper.

And finally here’s how it looks in the hands of my GM Ground Type:


The SCAR-H has plenty of optional parts for you to play around with. The parts are well separated, making it easy to paint, should you wish to. Like the M4A1, it has plenty of small parts so extra care should be taken when assembling and handling it. I quite like how it looks on the GM, and personally I prefer the black version.

I actually finished the standard SCAR-H along with my HGUC Zaku Sniper. I waited until I finished building & painting the limited version before taking some photos. It only took a weekend to finish, using just some spray cans. That’s how easy & fun it was.

Little Armory M4A1

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Brief introduction:

I’ve always liked the way certain Gunpla looks with conventional military weaponry. Master Grade kits (1/100 scale) fit well with 1/6 scale weapons. But for 1/144 scale gunpla, there wasn’t anything equivalent. That is until Tomytec started their Little Armory line of 1/12 scale weapons. They’re meant for 1/12 scale figures like the Figma series, but I thought they might look decent with 1/144 scale gunpla.

Each box features artwork by Techno Fuyuno and inside, the weapon itself is unassembled. Like other plamo, the parts are on runners and standard tools (nippers, hobby blade, glue) are required for assembly. The instruction manual is simple, if not a little plain. Some color illustrations or art would have been nice.

M4A1 assault rifle

This is the first release of the Little Armory line, and it costs approximately 1,000 yen. One of the selling points for me is the box art, as you can see below:


All parts are molded in glossy black plastic. Some observations during assembly:

  • For such a small scale, I was surprised at the large number of parts.
  • Some parts can be very small and can be lost easily if you’re not careful.
  • Friction alone is not enough to hold all the parts together, so modeling cement is needed.

You can leave it unpainted, but it will look plasticky. For that reason, I decided to paint it. After priming, I used gunmetal, german gray, olive drab and tan brown paints from spray cans. Using the same methods with other gunpla, I filled some panel lines with black enamel and applied dry-brushing using silver enamel. Also took the liberty to add some waterslide decals. After that it’s the flat topcoat layer.

This kit comes with optional parts, namely a lengthened stock, laser module, forward handgrip and scope. This means that just like the actual assault rifle, you can mix and match to get the combination you want. Also included is a night-vision goggle.


The final configuration I went with was the short buttstock, carrying handle instead of the scope, forward hand grip & laser module attached to the barrel. The overall length from buttstock to barrel is 6.5cm. The following is a size comparison with some other weapons that I have. From top to bottom is HGUC Jesta Beam Carbine; MSG AK-12 type; MSG HK416 type; HGUC GM Custom 90mm machine gun; Little Armory M4A1.


Here are some closeup shots:

I don’t have any Figma models, so I decided to use the closest thing I have: the Revoltech Skeleton Warrior. Mr. Skeleton is about 14cm tall, so it’s not so different from typical Figma models. Unfortunately the skeleton hands cannot grip the rifle properly, so posing it was a bit of a hassle. And in some photos, I attached the night vision goggles using some blu-tac.

Now you may be wondering, does it fit nicely with 1/144 gunpla kits? To address that issue, I called upon the services of my HGUC GM Ground Type. It’s fitted with articulate fingers from spare RG parts so that gripping and holding the rifle won’t be an issue.

As you can see, the M4A1 is a bit on the small side, especially compared to Kotobukiya’s MSG Assault Rifle. But generally, it looks like a natural fit with my GM. However, on slightly larger HGUC kits like the Jegan, the rifle can look a bit puny.

la001_027 la001_028 la001_029 la001_030

And there you have it. I personally love this Little Armory line. I bought it to complement the arsenal of my various HGUC kits and as you can see from the pictures above, they can fit nicely together. One caveat is the hands. Since standard HG kits come with fixed, preformed hands, they may not be able to grip the weapon properly. You can get over the problem by swapping hands from an RG kit like my GM.

To conclude, this 1/12 scale Little Armory M4A1 assault rifle kit may not be for everyone, especially beginners. But if you like a challenge, love military weapons, and have some poorly-armed 1/144 gunpla (or Figmas), then by all means get one.

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